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Bob White is enjoying life after retirement by pursuing things he’s always wanted to do – like writing and publishing fiction.
Once an air force veteran and metorolgist, Bob went through a career change to become an ordained minister. He had many passions throughout his pre-retirement life, as he traveled all over the world with his wife as part of the ice dance team. When it was time for him to retire, he thought about what would make it a happy retirement and pursued new dreams.

After retiring, he went back to college as an adult. While he didn’t have specific goals in continuing his education, his love of storytelling led him to creative writing.

With the help from his community and friends, Bob was able to self-publish books about historical facts and personal travels. Bob has now gained a fan base and continues to enjoy life after retirement with gratitude for this new opportunity.

His retirement tips? Remain active – approach retirement with how you can try new things.

Learn more about Bob and how he was able to achieve and active and happy retirement life!

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