How Milk Travels From Your Local Farm

MAttLangleyCowsThis past summer, I was asked to work on a production about how milk is produced at a local farm. The final video is available for viewing on The New York Times website.

For the past century, Silver Spring Farm, in Syracuse, New York, has done the same thing: produce fresh, delicious milk. “I’m the third generation,” says Chuck Luchsinger, who runs and owns Silver Spring with his wife, Sue, and his son, Charlie. “My grandfather started this farm 100 years ago.”

Of the 47,000 dairy farms in the United States, 97 percent — small and large — are family owned, like Silver Spring. For Chuck, Sue and Charlie, family farming entails everything from growing crops, to milking and breeding the farm’s award-winning Jersey cows. “We have wonderful sunrises, and sunsets — which we tend to see both of all the time,” jokes Sue.

-From The New York Times Website

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