Matt Langley – Sound Recordist / Location Sound Mixer

Location Sound Recordist

I offer Location sound recordist services in New York near Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton, and Albany. Whether you need a boom microphone operator or a complete sound crew, I will provide the professional level of skill and equipment you expect. I have television production experience with live studio mixing and on location as a sound recordist. You can expect clean, clear and dynamic audio sound recordings for all of your television and film production needs.

Professional Recording Services:

Location Sound Recordist / Mixer , Matt Langley working on ABC's 'Megastunts'

Location Sound Mixer , Matt Langley working on ABC’s ‘Megastunts’ Special Covering Nik Wallenda Crossing Niagara Falls on a High Wire.

  • Sound For Video Productions
  • Sound Recordist For Film
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate Video
  • Live News Events
  • Press Conferences
    (Including PA & Mult-Boxes)
  • Television Reality Shows
  • Commercials
  • Behind The Scenes (BTS)
  • Electronic Press Kits (EPK)

Sound Kit

My standard kit includes a Sound Devices 552 Mixer, Sennheiser MKH416, (2) Lectrosonics wireless microphones with Tram TR50 lapel mics, all batteries, cables and accessories. For productions requiring multi-track isos, a Sound Devices 664 is available.   More gear, such as wireless camera link, dual system recording and playback is available.


Location Sound Recordist Field Mixer

Double System Recording / Dual System Recording

More productions are shooting with DSLR cameras like the Canon 5D and Nikon D800. That means sync sound and dual system sound recording. I can handle that with the Sound Devices 664, Sound Devices 552, Tascam HD-P2, Tascam DR-40 or Zoom H4n. You’ll leave with a high quality sound file ready for edit.

ISO Audio Tracks

Iso tracks also referred to as isolated audio tracks are available with the Sound Devices 664 production mixer/ recorder. Lets say you have a cast of 5 people and a boom mic; with iso tracks, you can have individual audio tracks of each cast member available for post production. A reference “scratch track” can be sent to each of the cameras on set with a wireless link.


Buffalo, NY 2014- Winter Weather Coverage for NBC News- The snow banks were as high as the street lights.

More Than Sound

Sound Recordist, Matt Langley using a Boom Pole and Shotgun Mic

With wind strong enough to blow down tents, booming the stand-up keeps wind noise to a minimum.

I’m well versed in all areas of video and film production. After sound is set, just ask and I’ll help with camera, grip, gaff, you name it.  If you’re traveling and need local crew, I can help you get the people you need such as: camera, jib, dolly, steady-cam, make-up artist, teleprompter, grip, gaffer, runner, production assistant and more.


You’ll get a head start on post-production. I can e-mail a transcription-ready sound file to your office or transcription service such as Transcription Associates.  Your audio files are ready to transfer to your laptop while on locations.


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